How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat

If you talk with a dog owner, they will say that their pet is very loyal and seeks attention all the time. But you are into cats yet want your furry friend to act loyal and feel like a dog. Then you should choose a Maine Coon Cat. This breed is very popular in America now.

They are large in size, have ears like bobcats, and look majestic. Now you might be asking if there is so much potential to have this breed as a pet, how much is a Maine Coon cat. We are here with your answer.

Cost of getting a Maine Coon Cat

Cost of getting a Maine Coon Cat
Cost of getting a Maine Coon Cat

Cat prices can differ in different parts of the world. It takes a lot of things into consideration to add a price tag on cats. The condition of the area, how healthy the animal is, and how much effort the breeder puts into that animal all play a part in choosing the price range.

In the US, Maine Coon Cat is priced between 400 to 2000$. This price can go higher, but if someone is selling a Maine Coon under 400, there might be some counterfeiting. If you are buying the cat from the UK, then pricing can be from 325 – 1623 £.

Factors Affecting Maine Coon Price

Factors Affecting Maine Coon Price
Factors Affecting Maine Coon Price

Many factors can determine the price of a cat. Along with Country and Breeders, efforts here are some significant factors that affect the price.


High-quality breeds will always be in a higher price range. Usually, buyers get them for cat shows. So purebred pedigree cats are priced in high amounts.


Health is a significant factor in pricing. Buyers won’t spend much money on a poor health cat because every visit to a vet will cost a lot of money. Besides, if you have to keep a cat on medication, it won’t be healthy for long.

On the contrary, a cat in good health will be sold in high value. Buyers will also be willing to pay a reasonable amount to the breeder to get a healthy cat.

Maine Coons is known as a hardy breed. They are less likely to fall sick. However, some serious diseases appear in the Maine Coon breed commonly.

Vaccination Records

If not appropriately vaccinated, cats can get some severe diseases. Whenever you get a vaccination for your kitty, you will get a record. Cats with all vaccination records will come with a high price tag. And if the breeder fails to show any proper vaccination records, that means the price drops to a lower range. ‘

Purebred Certification

This certificate is very important. Both buyers and sellers need to have this document if the adoption is premium range. When a breeder asks for a price of the highest degree, he must prove that the cat is purebred.

Spaying and neutering

Non-spayed or non-neutered cats will be higher priced than spayed or neutered cats. The difference is simple; breeders have to put much more effort into a non-neutered cat than a neutered one. Besides, breeders won’t want to give their breeding to anyone and want to maintain their own breed.


How much is a Maine Coon cat can vary in different aspects?. You have to look into all documents and features of the cat. If the cat is common in features, then pay 400 to 800$ maximum. But for a premium majestic looking cat can cost 2000$ or more.

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